About Me

Hello and welcome!

I grew up in Indiana, then lived in Southern California for nine years during grad school and some adjunct teaching, and I moved to Wisconsin in 2014 to teach in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at UW-Whitewater. In this position, I am also the Coordinator for the Liberal Studies program.

I love teaching and talking about interesting things with students. I learn from my students in every class session, and I hope students see each class session as an opportunity for the exchange of ideas. I also advocate having more unanswered questions at the end of a semester than at the beginning!

I live in Whitewater with my partner, our kid, and our dog. We try to make it to campus events often-- so let me know if you are starring in a play or have a big game coming up!

I also love organization, lists, and planning, and I appreciate handy websites or apps that help with those things. I also really love my label-maker. 

I enjoy learning about new technologies and gadgets and using social media. I'm interested in how our use of technology today will shape the way that technology is used in the future-- So much responsibility!

I'm vegetarian, and I love Mexican food and ice cream. I swim a few times per week, lift weights when my schedule permits, run half marathons on occasion, and play ultimate frisbee when there is a friendly game going on. I've also really enjoyed playing intramural inner-tube water polo the last few years! Our team isn't great, but we have fun.