Weekly Online Discussion

Our goal is to make our online discussion as much like a real-time discussion as possible, and this will be accomplished in two ways— semi-synchronous posting and the use of video instead of text. 

In the "Course Materials" Module in Canvas, you will find some video posting instructions that will walk you through the process of recording and posting videos into the Canvas discussion area. After reviewing these resources, you are advised to use Google or YouTube to address any remaining questions or challenges.

During the first week of class...

  • You will be asked to post an introduction video to introduce yourself to your classmates. Posting this video will also ensure that everyone can post videos successfully. 

Every week after the first one...

  • A prompt will be appear each Sunday at 4:00am, and you will be responsible for responding to that prompt with a 3+ minute video by Tuesday at 11:59pm. This first response should be posted as a "new thread”.
  • You should then post two additional "participation" videos (1+ minute each). These videos should substantively respond to your classmates ideas and questions. These videos are due each Thursday at 11:59pm, when the discussion thread will close. These posts should be posted as “replies”.

This assignment will be evaluated as follows: 3+ minute video (thread) posts that are adequately substantive and relevant will receive 20 points, and participation posts (replies) that are adequately substantive and relevant will receive 5 points each. This will total 30 points per week.

Updated 8/1/2018