Final Essay Presentation

So that students may learn from each other’s ideas, at the end of the semester, each student will present information about their final essay. Students should plan to speak for approximately 4-5 minutes; the instructor may stop you or your video at 6 minutes.

  • For face-to-face sessions/sections: 

    • All students should be prepared to present at the beginning of the scheduled presentation times. The instructor will determine the order of presentations from there.
    • Students should speak from prepared notes, and Power Point presentations are optional.
  • For online sessions/sections:

    • Students will post videos of their presentations to the relevant discussion forum.
    • Each student’s video may be a recording of the student (speaking from notes) or a screen recording of the student speaking through a power point presentation (the student should not simply read the power point however).
    • The recorded presentations will function like discussion leadership (so everyone is a discussion leader), and everyone should also respond to other people's presentations with the usual 2 participation posts.

This assignment will be evaluated as follows:


Final Essay

By 11:59pm on the day of our Finals Week meeting time, each student should submit to the appropriate Canvas Dropbox a final essay that responds to one or more of the following focal questions from our course:

  • How have people or groups used technology responsibly or irresponsibly in the recent past? How has technology been used well or poorly in social movements around the world?
  • How has technology led to exploitation, marginalization, or disenfranchisement? How might technology be used to address and correct social problems?
  • What are our responsibilities for shaping how technology is used today? And what are our responsibilities for shaping how technology will be used in the future?

 The essay requirements are as follows…


  • at least 1500 words in length (Students should clearly indicate the essay word count—which does not include headers & bibliographic information—on the last page of the document.)
  •  include a clear thesis statement in an introductory paragraph (a claim that will be argued)
  •  be written in formal academic style with logical organization and proper grammar
  •  include a bibliography with at least 6 sources— You will need to use at least 3 sources from class and at least 3 sources from outside class. Any essay that makes use of less than 6 sources or does not include a bibliography will receive a 0.
  • be coherent and cohesive— meaning that the texts discussed must relate to (support or challenge, etc.) the student’s personal views and values

 Content items:

  • Demonstrates mastery of course material
  • Demonstrates ability to research chosen topic with sources from outside class readings
  • Analyzes of texts, global events or movements, and/or technology use practices
  • Includes critical personal reflection along the lines of: How has this class changed your perspective on your own technology use? Will you use technology differently as a result of this class?

This assignment will not be accepted late for any reason.

This assignment will be evaluated as follows:



Extra Credit Opportunities

Opportunity #1: By 11:59pm on the day of Session 1, each student may post a video introducing yourself to your classmates in the "It's lovely to meet you..." discussion forum. This video is worth up to 10 bonus points.

Opportunity #2: By 11:59pm on the day of Session1, each student may complete a quiz covering the content of the syllabus. This quiz is worth up to 20 bonus points.

Opportunity #3: By 11:59pm on the Friday before our final session, students may submit to the Canvas Dropbox an essay that reviews a movie (excluding the movies discussed in class) that addresses ethics and technology in some direct way. This essay must be 400+ words, or it will not be accepted. This essay is worth a maximum of 40 points.


Updated 9/4/2018