RELIGST/WOMENST 330: Religion, Sexuality & Gender (3 units)

Course Description

This course will trace changing conceptions of gender roles and the functions of women in various religious traditions. Feminine and masculine images of divinity will be compared and recent scholarship in feminist theology on questions such as the nature of divinity, immortality, and religious devotion will be examined.


Course Notes (From WINS)

For Online Sections: This class will be taught online using Desire2Learn (D2L), and students will gain access to the D2L classroom at the beginning of the term. As part of the course’s discussion requirements, students will need to record and post videos of themselves. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be considered in-class/discussion days. An additional $150 fee will be assessed for this course.


General Education Information

This course qualifies as a General Education- General Humanities (GH) elective course. Courses in this area examine the diversity of human experience and expression from historical, philosophical, religious, literary, and/or linguistic perspectives. These courses usually focus on the traditions, beliefs, texts, and artifacts that make up a culture, and place emphasis on critical analysis and interpretation of primary sources. Students will enhance their critical and creative thinking and communication skills, and grapple with complexity and diverse perspectives.

The General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs) in bold below are covered by this course:

  1.  Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World - Covered in this course with readings and films. Successful acquisition assessed via quizzes.
  2.  Critical and Creative Thinking - Covered in this course through discussions. Successful acquisition assessed via final essay.
  3.  Communication Skills - Covered in this course through discussions. Successful acquisition assessed via discussions and final essay presentation.
  4.  Information Literacy - Covered in this course through use of technology and discussions. Successful acquisition assessed via discussions.
  5.  Quantitative Reasoning
  6.  Personal and Civic Responsibility - Covered in this course through discussions. Successful acquisition assessed via discussions and final essay.
  7.  Foundations for Life-Long Learning - Covered in this course through readings, films, and discussions. Successful acquisition assessed via discussions and final essay.

-adopted by UWW in Spring 2016


Course Specific Student Learning Outcomes (Course SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will:

  • Students will learn, understand, and be able to utilize basic feminist concerns and forms of analysis.
  • Studies will learn about the experiences of women in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, other Eastern Asian Religions, and Indigenous Religions.
  • Students will encounter prominent feminist thinkers and their critiques of various religious traditions.
  • Students will relate feminist analysis to current events related to religion.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of feminist analysis through research projects and presentations.

-adopted by instructor in Fall 2012


Required Texts

  1. Feminist Theory and Christian Theology, by Serene Jones, ISBN#: 0-8006-2694-x
  2. After Patriarchy, edited by Paula M. Cooey, William R. Eakin, and Jay B. McDaniel, ISBN#: 0-88344-748-7
  3. Feminism and World Religions, edited by Arivind Sharma and Katherine K Young, ISBN#: 0-7914-4024-9


Important Information


Course Assignments

Course grades are calculated based off a total of 1630 possible points, and grades are not weighted beyond their point values.

Course Schedule

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*Please note that changes to the syllabus may occur during the semester, but such changes will be announced in class, through D2L, and/or via email.

Updated 2/28/2018