shout out to REL 100

Quick second post to say hello to my new bunch of blog followers, aka my students! Hello, and welcome! To my more regular blog readers, an explanation:

This semester I am teaching three classes. Two of those are REL 100: Intro to Christianity at CLU and the other is REL 100: Intro to Religion at ULV. I'm really excited to be doing a bit of a social media experiment with these classes, so here is what I'm doing:

In one of my CLU classes, we are doing this big Twitter project. You can read or participate in our class discussion by following #REL1002 on Twitter. Tonight is the first night of the discussion, but I think it's going well. I'm excited to see how students respond to the project and if any non-class members get involved in the conversation. Head over there now and see what people are talking about.

In my second CLU class, we are doing a blog project. Each student has a separate blog, and they are responsible for keeping their blog going through the semester. Since their blogs may be a bit personal in nature, I will leave publicity to them.... but if you see any commenters on my blog, feel free to click over to their blogs and take a look at what they've been writing.

In my ULV class, we are going to have one class blog to which all class members will contribute. It will be here on wordpress, and I will post the info about it once we have it up and running (hopefully next week). You are cordially invited to read along with that class and see what we are talking about in there.

So that is the plan for the semester.

Anyway, I will keep you updated about how these projects are progressing, and I really do hope you will be able to participate in them as well!