The 5 things I will miss most about southern California

As most of you know by now, Kevin, Mya, and I are moving to Wisconsin in two weeks. We're moving to a place that has already shown itself to have great people, a great house for us, and a great job for me. We are really looking forward to all that Wisconsin will be for us. But leaving California is very bittersweet for us. We have loved our 9 years here. Here are the 5 things I will miss the most about my SoCal time:

1. swimming outside....

looking at palms trees before I dive in

getting lots of vitamin D and having healthy looking skin,

having a swim suit tan with a big circle on my back instead of a farmer's tan,

wearing shaded goggles so you aren't blinded swimming backstroke, except you are blinded anyway because the shaded goggles aren't ever shaded enough... but at least you don't have clear-goggle-goggly-eyes which are necessary when swimming indoors so you aren't swimming in the complete darkness

2. the food...

the best veggie (beet!) burgers I've ever eaten at Eureka Burger,

the best burritos in the country (2009 burrito tour conclusive result) 24 hours a day-- Alberto's, King Taco, etc.

99¢ margaritas & green salsa at El Ranchero

pumpkin ravioli at Aruffo's 

asparagus soup at Tutti Mangia (even though they are elitists)

lemoncella dessert at La Paralacchia 

the #33 fresh mozzarella sandwich with greens at Full of Life, especially when the store owner knows what you want as soon as you walk in the door

3. the beaches...


body boarding

wave jumping

laughing at all the tourists who aren't wearing wet suits and therefore will freeze to death immediately upon entering the water

the dog beach-- 'cause dogs jumpin' around in the water is the cutest thing ever

listening to the ocean

eating at restaurants over looking the ocean

watching people do crazy things on the rings at Santa Monica

4. the weather....

if a week goes by without it getting above 70, people start complaining and wearing down coats

flowers in January

cool nights so that no matter how hot the day was, at dusk you can open your windows and be cool by the time you want to go to sleep

no bugs (except earwigs, aka pincher-butt bugs, which are admittedly freaky, but at least you can usually see them before they see you)

5. my home....

California has been the place where I became myself--where I met Kevin, where we got married, where I survived my mom's death, where I graduated twice, where my family has expanded to include too many friends to picture here, where we adopted Mya, where we've had wonderful housemates, where I've felt loved and challenged in all the best ways. 

5 year anniversary.001.jpg


Thank you all for a great (almost) decade, and please come visit us in WI!